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Recommended Water Bottles

All product names are registered to their respective companies and listed here solely for reference.  

We only sell labels and do not sell any containers listed on this page.

What size is best?

Our 8" x 2" labels are the most versatile but may leave a small gap where the two label ends meet if using a brand other than those listed below.  Make sure to measure your bottle first, just in case.


Below are the brands we recommend for each size label we offer.


8" x 2" Labels (Most Versatile)

16.9 oz Dasani® Water Bottle

16.9 oz Aquafina® Water Bottle (regular or eco-friendly)

8 oz Target® Water Bottle

8 oz Poland Spring® Water Bottle

8 oz Crystal Geyser® Water Bottle

8.1875" x 1.375" Labels
500 ml Nestlé® Pure Life Water Bottle

500 ml (1.05 pt) Evian® Water Bottle

16.9 oz Poland Spring® Water Bottle

500 ml (1.05 pt) Kirkland Signature® Water Bottle

16.9 oz Publix® Spring Water Bottle

Most 8 oz Water Bottles

Additional Specifications

Labels are self-adhesive and use a weatherproof material designed for resistance to moisture and water.  

For best results we recommend removing the manufacturer label before applying.

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